A blank gallery or apartment wall can be filled with complementary artwork. But how can you turn blank walls into an artistic wall? Whether you’re performing shows or at home, beautiful, clear displays are necessary. Read more to understand how different art arrangements can be inspiring without any explanation.


When purchasing a piece of art, think of where it will be hanged first or whether it can stand by itself and become a centerpiece of your room. Usually, arts are sold while stretched in wooden frames ready for hanging. However, you can choose to have it different by asking the artist to use different frames to match your house design.

Install a Picture Ledge

If you’re an art collector and want them hanged in your home, erecting a picture ledge can save your room from several holes. You don’t want to compromise your wall structure by boring holes for hanging pictures. Picture ledges need a few screws and can accommodate dozens of picture frames. Moreover, it keeps your appealing artwork, framed prints, and photography in the spotlight.

Embrace Impermanence

What do you do when the housing agreement states that no screws or nails should be used on the walls, and you want to hang your arts? Don’t worry. The use of hooks, hanging strips, and removable washi tapes can solve this headache. They’re easy to remove and come in different colors that add splendor to your rooms.

However, when hanging heavy prints, photography work, or framed arts, consider using hanging strips and hooks. To avoid spoiling the art, attach them at the back of the frame carefully. Correct applications make it easy to remove and leave no trace.

Use Freestanding Easels

With limited space and artistic walls, you can choose freestanding easels to enhance the appearance of your prized portraits. Erecting these stands in corners will give your visitors a unique sense of art.

Each piece of art you buy should give your home a great look. However, proper arrangements and the use of the right hanging materials can enhance the beauty of your portraits.