The true definition of art is debatable, and continuously the subject of discussion. Broadly speaking, it is the expression of a person’s creativity. This can undoubtedly be expressed in many different ways.

Paintings are one of the earliest known pieces of art. Old cave paintings have been found, that date back tens of thousands of years. Over time, this form of art has become ever more intricate and advanced.

Many paintings of centuries past were depictions of religious events. Michelangelo created masterpieces of this type. During the Dark Ages, the quality of these paintings began to dwindle. It was not until the Renaissance that the art form started to advance once again.

These paintings still exist today and can be seen in art galleries all over the world. Tourists regularly check into places such as the hotel engelberg so they can visit local galleries in the area. These establishments are often free to the public.

In ancient times, artists began to shape rock into impressive sculptures. Over time, this became one of the most critical types of art around. Due to the strength of the material used, many of these sculptures still exist thousands of years later.

Performing arts has also grown as an essential form of creative expression. Many countries put on plays in unique buildings, known as theatres. These contain a stage for the actors to perform on one side, and seating for the audience on the other.

The most famous and respected playwright of all time is undoubtedly William Shakespeare. He lived during the Tudor Period. During his lifetime, he wrote many of the most important pieces of theatre, which are still being performed today. Some of his most well-known plays include Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Advancements in technology have led to newer forms of art being invented. In the late 1880s, motion was captured on film and projected to watch back. This led to movies becoming popular. Stage actors were able to transfer their theatre skills onto film.

In the 1920s, synchronised sound was first used in the film industry. This created the talkie craze, which has now made motion pictures just as famous as theatrical productions. The most famous actors of today work in films.

Computer technology has also helped to create new forms of art. Video games have undoubtedly grown in popularity, to the point where it has become a billion pound industry. They appeal to mass audiences, due to their interactive nature, and the fact that they can be played at home.

Not all art forms are physical. Stories are one of the oldest types of art. No one knows, just how long human beings have been using the spoken word to tell fictional tales. Over time, the species learned to write these down into books.