When one considers art, there are many different forms of it. Most will automatically think of traditional art that is created by many famous artists whose works of art are often showcased as hangings on the walls of many homes. But, there is another art form and one that is often seen throughout the average homes but doesn’t get the credit that it deserves.

Art in Fabric


There are a lot of different types of decor pieces that are made for the home. A good example of these are ikea sofa covers that have a functionality as well as serving the purpose to enhance decor. Then there are many other types of furnishings that are comprised of materials that have some form of pattern to them. These patterns had to be inspired by someone and that someone is the artistic designer that has been commissioned by the furniture manufacturer.

Textile Artists

One of the advancements in textile production has been the integration between the weaving of textiles and creating the pieces as works of art. Something else that stands out with the textile artists is that they have begun to incorporate many other types of mediums into their textile pieces. using items such as quills, fibers made of steel and bamboo.

Conventional Artists Teaming Up with Textile Artists

Just as anyone creating pieces of art can be considered an artist, so can those that weave the textiles that are used in many different pieces today. In the past there have been occasions where these two artists will come together. An example of this was in 1970 when Boetti who is a conceptional artist teamed up with some afghan artists. Boetti envisioned the piece being worked on with a totally different perception that the afghan artists proceeded with.

Artists Expanding into Textiles

Not every textile artist has a traditional artist background. But, there are some traditional artists who have ventured into the textile field. Ringgold was one such artist. Inspired by seeing some Buddhist paintings that had been created on fabric was the inspiration for Ringgold to go to create an artistic quilt of her own. The quilt was named Echoes of Harlem. This artist became so intrigued in the textile art that she went on to tell stories through future quilts.

From Sculpture to Textiles

Sculpture is another form of art and there are many renowned artists in this field of art. Scott who is an American sculpture artist transformed her artistic talents into textile artistry:https://www.hamiltonnews.com/whatson-story/7463201-dundas-textile-artist-fuzzy-mall-produces-the-faces-of-hamilton-project/ as well. She went on to start her own textile practice.

Recognized Successful Textile Artists

There are several textile artists that are now becoming recognized for their contribution not only to the world of textile but art as well which includes;

  • Sarah Symes
  • Jo Deeley
  • Josefina Concha

All of which are abstract artists.