Since the dawn of civilisation, plants have been featured in works of art. Even cave paintings from many thousands of years ago have depicted trees. In the more modern era, some of the most famous artists have created works focused on flora. Good examples include Water Lilies by Monet, Woman with a Pink Carnation by Rembrandt and Hibiscus by Andy Warhol.

When people want to develop their creative skills, they will often practice still life painting. These works feature inanimate objects. Plants are ideal because they contain such a great range of colours. If artists need to identify a flower or learn how to better take care of plant life, they could use the app Planta.

Improving Mood

When people imagine talented artists, they may assume that they are tortured souls. The tragic life of Vincent van Gogh has helped perpetuate this misunderstanding. In reality, a person can achieve a much higher level of creativity if they are in a good mood. For example, the artist could use the website to find flora that appeals to them. Seeing greenery daily has been proven to improve emotional states. Once the person feels happy, they may notice that their confidence levels also rise. In theory, this will mean that they can take more artistic risks.

Keeping Plants Healthy Long Term

Creating a still life painting can take a reasonably long time. The artist may need to start all over again until they get it right. Therefore the plant being depicted should be healthy enough to retain its shape and colour for extended periods. Planta gives people handy tips on how to keep their plants going. It will be a valuable tool for anyone who is committed to perfecting their still lifes.

Finding a Voice

One of the worst things an artist can do is make something that is bland and generic. If their work is mistaken for that of a famous name, then they know they have failed. The best creative people have found a distinct voice that the public recognise. This can take many years to get right. Experimentation is encouraged. It is wise to focus on one object and develop exciting ideas for how to utilise it in an art piece. This object could be a plant.

Mimicking Famous Examples

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with reproducing famous depictions of plants for recreational purposes. Doing so will allow new artists to better understand the process of well known creative people. Furthermore, if artists are to find their niche, it is a good idea to dissect the successes of those who came before them. Planta can be utilised in numerous ways when doing this. For example, mimicking a well-known flower painting will require caring for the plant until the work is complete.