Art began over 100,000 years ago and consisted of primitive paintings and basic rock and wood carvings. Today, art is as diverse as you can imagine, consisting of everything from dramatic theatre, well-made television, controversial installations and circus skills. Considering art’s turbulent history and massive progression, it is difficult to see where it will go in future decades.

The internet has not only made art more accessible but also changed the way we produce art. Video games, web design and digital technologies are all taking us into a new sphere of artistic creation.

How we consume art is also set to change dramatically. Digital services like Netflix and Amazon are making a range of art more accessible and also changing the funding and distribution methods, enabling different types of art to be produced.

Alas, it’s not all positive. With the rising cost of living and concentration of wealth, many fear that only those with strong economic support will have the ability to pursue their creative endeavors. One thing is for sure, wherever art takes us in the future, it is sure to be an interesting and fascinating ride and take us to a place of creative expressionism.