Event posters are a powerful piece of media in creating excitement and interest in an upcoming event. Since posters are the first piece of media designed for an event, they should be done correctly. Event posters can focus on the text, imagery, or both. Discussed below are the tips for designing print posters.

Easy to read from a distance

The main aim of posters is to expose people to an event. The main headline should be easy to read from a distance. Also, give details of the event and ensure the what, when, and where questions are answered. Then include a beautiful print as it is self-explanatory.

Amp up the contrast

Posters should grab someone’s attention with just one glance. You can achieve this by including a high contrast between elements. Use a big color background with a full bleed as it helps your poster stand out from the rest.

Consider size and location

It is essential to know where your poster will be located as this determines its size and the aspect ratio. Visual items around the poster should also be considered.

Use one big visual

The dominant image is crucial and needs to be readable from a distance. Whether you use a photo, an illustration, or a text, ensure that the dominant image is very visible. The images and text need to have enough contrast so that they are readable independently.

Make a mini version of the poster

Although the poster design is primarily a print project, you can create a mini version of it to be used in other places. You can make a postcard or letter size hand out, scale down an image that can be shared on social media, or make a version that can be sent via email.

Include a call to action

Posters aim to expose people to an upcoming event, and including a call to action is essential. For posters, call to action is often the event information or a contact point in poster design.

Use plenty of space

Ensure you use all the excessive spacing between elements. This is because extra spacing increases visual impact and readability at distances. Extra spacing can work wonders between lines of text, individual letters, around interior margins of the canvas, among others.

Focus on typography

Design your poster well and give it fantastic typography. The best posters are made with type and color and exclude illustrations or images. Use of bolder, more prominent, wider typefaces can give you beautiful typography.

Use a high-end printing technique

You can use a cool printing technique depending on the poster’s audience and location. You can try screen printing, letterpress, or a UV layer.

The art of a poster design should be given the attention it deserves, like websites and apps. It is a very great way of promotion and helps in exposing your target audience and masses to the intended personal, business, or client message.