Modern Art in a Modern World

The period that encompasses modern art is a contentious issue. It is largely believed that it started in the 1860s and many believe it came to an end in the 1970s. While after this, art is generally deemed to be … Read More

The Turner Prize

The Turner prize, named after the English artist JMW Turner, is the price given to a British artist who focuses on the visual medium. Since its launch in 1984, it has enabled the careers of some of the most well-respected … Read More

Modern Art’s Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin is the popular British artist who is most famed for her Turner Prize-winning work ‘My Bed.’ The visual art installation depicted an unmade, dirty bed complete with used condoms and blood-stained underwear. It represented a period in the … Read More


The true definition of art is debatable, and continuously the subject of discussion. Broadly speaking, it is the expression of a person’s creativity. This can undoubtedly be expressed in many different ways. Paintings are one of the earliest known pieces … Read More

Performance as Art

Theater has been a popular medium of art and entertainment for centuries after being popularized by the Greeks 2000 years ago. Today it remains a huge industry in the art world, particularly in the cities of New York and London … Read More

Fabric Design Artists

When one considers art, there are many different forms of it. Most will automatically think of traditional art that is created by many famous artists whose works of art are often showcased as hangings on the walls of many homes. … Read More

Television as Art for the Masses

Since television has become the primary source of entertainment over the last half a century, the question about if television is art has raged in university classrooms and column inches around the world. The answer appears to be a complex … Read More

Art Moving Forward

Art began over 100,000 years ago and consisted of primitive paintings and basic rock and wood carvings. Today, art is as diverse as you can imagine, consisting of everything from dramatic theatre, well-made television, controversial installations and circus skills. Considering … Read More

Warhol and Pop Art

The 1950s saw huge movement in the art world. There was a distinct swing away from the world of fine art and pop culture was truly embraced. While many artists were influential in the movement, the most notable creator through … Read More

How Salvador Dalí Changed Art

The Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí broke with convention. He made the world sit up and listen and think about art in a completely different way from before. He is well known for his work in Cubism, taking conventional images and … Read More